"When Ancient Time Shuts Tight Its Rusted Doors" in Inheritance Magazine Issue #61: Searching for Hope


I Know Not Where I Go (short film) — Visible Poetry Project (forthcoming)


Like Soap Does — Whole Life Soaps Haiku Contest (Honorable Mention)

The Train — Poets Reading the News

The Wound — What Rough Beast

When Ancient Time Shuts Tight Its Rusted Doors — Inheritance Magazine

Permanent Separations — Faithfully Magazine

Can I? — Faithfully Magazine

Selected Older Poems (2014-2018)

These poems were self-published on my blog and on Medium.

Strawberries (one word poem)

Breathe (Christmas Eve, 2017)

In Darkness (nonet)

I Will Not Let You Go (villanelle)

Passionfruit (one word poem)

Lines Last (after Chris Rice)